These are REAL members testifying about what SJNEA, MNEA, and NEA has done for them. It is our goal to support every member who is wronged or discriminated against, as well as provide high quality member benefits and professional development. These testimonials are only a small fraction of what SJNEA has done for the teachers and staff of the St. Joseph School District.
  1. Being a first time home-buyer I had no idea where to start looking for a mortgage company. A friend told me to check the NEA Member Benefits site. I'm glad I did! Just by mentioning that I was an NEA member, Wells Fargo sent me a $500 VISA card after I closed on my house!
    Ashton Puckett, Elementary Teacher
  2. If people take the time and use the MyDeals app, people can really save money. I saved $500 at Anderson Ford when I purchased a new truck. I opened my app, showed the salesman my deal, and got $500 off the negotiated price.
    Kevin Jones, Retired Physical Ed Teacher
  3. I joined NEA after belonging to another organization that didn't actively address my issue with the teacher evaluation process. NEA actually gives teachers a VOICE and they actively advocate for teachers locally. I have seen salary changes in my department and improvements made in my evaluation process directly due to NEA's proactive communication with our district on my behalf! TRY St. Joseph NEA!! You will love it!
    Lois Hahn-Zuniga, ESOL
  4. I love the St. Joseph NEA! I feel I have a platform to be heard. The leaders in my building are available and receptive to my thoughts. I feel that this group is truly working for the betterment of the St. Joseph School District for our teachers, our kids, and our community.
    Paul Hart, Music Teacher
  5. I also have a very personal story about switching to NEA. I was actually an MSTA Representative for Bode and when I got moved unexpectedly to Robidoux I gave up the position. I remember asking what the cost difference was of NEA. Leadership in MSTA told me to my face, "I looked on their website and it's proportional to your salary." So I tried to find this "information" and couldn't. I just asked the president Todd Brockett and he told me the truth. I told him the lies told to me. I may pay more for NEA but I don't want to associate with a group willing to lie to me. Also I have had some scary experiences and NEA has helped me more than MSTA.
    Katherine Guyer, ESOL
  6. Having come from Kansas to Missouri, NEA was all I knew. I can vouch for my NEA membership as an “insurance policy” in time of need. The short version of my story is that I was called before the school board during the summer over a student’s grade. The board requested I provide extensive documentation to prove why they had failed. My NEA attorney was there immediately. He sat with me and represented me in ways I never imagined! The grade was not changed and I resigned from that district the following year after teaching there for 9 years. You never know when you might need this kind of support and I too am on a very tight budget.
    Arlene Sollars, Middle School ELA
  7. I am also on a very tight budget, but I have learned first hand how other organizations treat people. When the whole process of the audit started, I asked the tough questions to my MSTA leaders about the accusations being presented. I was passed around and lied to. I learned that I couldn't trust them and didn't want to be part of an organization that lied to me and didn't fight for teachers. From my research back then, I realized that other organizations were fighting more for admin than teachers. ...Believe me I understand that NEA is not cheap but I have always gotten the answers that I needed from them even if it wasn't something I wanted to hear. Just thought you might like to read my perspective.
    Kim Peters, Middle School ELA
  8. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE how NEA updates members, asks for input, and educates all members on what is going on. I am SO GLAD that I switched over from MSTA.
    Julie Weipert, Counselor
  9. I have been a member of NEA for many years. We switched insurance for our home because of the discount for my membership. We changed our home and auto insurance to California Casualty. We got a discount for being an NEA member. We had a big thunderstorm in June 2014. We had roof damage on our house and garage roofs. California Casualty took care of our claim quickly. We had the estimate done the day we called. It’s nice to know being a member of NEA does have its benefits of companies being reliable.
    Ann Rankin, Paraprofessional