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SJNEA is Your #1 Choice in Professional Educator Organizations!
Welcome to St. Joseph NEA. We are the trusted professional educator association within the St. Joseph School District, made of teachers, paraprofessionals, secretaries, custodians, bus drivers, nurses, and other educational support professionals. With hundreds of members locally, over 32,000 in Missouri, and over 3 MILLION in the nation.... YOUR VOICE IS HEARD!

St. Joseph NEA has grown exponentially over the past few years and is now a recognized professional educator association in the St. Joseph School District as per SJSD Board Policy GCQD. Prior to being recognized by board policy, St. Joseph NEA made great strides in advocating for the teachers and staff of the St. Joseph School District by speaking publicly at St. Joseph School District Board of Education meetings and working with members to resolve work-related issues of retaliation, poor administration, and discrimination.

Because of the SJNEA leadership's strength and persistence in fighting for the rights of educational professionals, and the organizations continous growth in membership, the SJSD Board of Education voted to make St. Joseph NEA one of the two recognized professional associations within the district. This allows SJNEA to have an even stronger voice for teachers and all staff by being permitted on the "Meet and Confer" committee which is our venue for negotiation of salary and policy, membership on various district/community committees, and a direct line of contact to the Board of Education and the Superintendent.

It was through the hard work of SJNEA leadership working with the community and "whistle-blowers" within the district that the deep corruption within the St. Joseph School District was brought to light and then investigated by the FBI, the State Auditor, and others. St. Joseph NEA is committed to transparency and holding the district accountable. With a vast network of resources across the state of Missouri and the nation, we have the expertise and resources to do this well.

In a profession that is constantly under attack by vicious politicians and special interest groups, we must bind together, creating a solid frontline to combat their actions. Most recently we fought, and WON, the fight against "MO Amendment #3", legislation that would have been devastating to the students and teachers of Missouri by taking away local control, adding high-stakes standardized tests, tying student test scores to teacher evaluations, loss of "due process" (teacher tenure), etc. Missouri NEA and NEA led the fight by investing over $1 million dollars to destroy this harmful amendment. With the collective action from all NEA members in Missouri and those from other states, we defeated "MO Amendment 3!"

St. Joseph NEA's ultimate goal is to advocate for our members, fight for the rights of all educators, and to ensure a fair and equitable workplace for all staff. To reach this goal, SJNEA believes in the right for all public service employees to COLLECTIVELY BARGAIN and NEGOTIATE all portions of their employment. In other words, we want a collectively bargained contract that outlines our specific rights and responsibilities. This is one of our major differences from other professional educator associations. Districts exclusively represented by NEA across the state of Missouri are the HIGHEST PAID with the GREATEST RESOURCES. Parkhill, Springfield, North Kansas City, Columbia, and many more are all exclusively represented by Missouri NEA and have the ability to collectively bargain contracts in writing. The contracts are legally binding and the district cannot unilaterally alter or amend them in any way. This is what the St. Joseph School District needs, and this is what our members WANT!

Thank you for taking to time to make an informed decision about your choice of a professional educator association! We insure our homes, our cars, and our health.... so we should definitely insure our professions? With our $4 million dollar liability insurance, local/state/national member benefits, and political advocacy in Jefferson City and Washington, D.C., we ARE your #1 choice in professional organziations.

If you have any questions please contact us at [email protected] or on the "contact us" page.

Welcome to St. Joseph NEA!


J. Eric Simmons
SJNEA President
MNEA Board of Directors

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